Dangling craft

Twisted dangles by geometric folding.


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Recycled Kids Activity

It’s really an awesome feel after creating something new out of things that is otherwise tossed into trash.I thank all the blogging mom’s, I’m following in my wordpress and facebook for they inspired me and instinctively brought out new creative ideas from me.
Here is the list of recycled kids activity that i did with my kids…
Paper cup sun
Turtle out of newspapers(Papier Mache)
Polythene bag cloud
Twig tree with paper leaves
Tissue roll tree with cardboard and buttons
Icecream stick girl

This was a big project with my small kids.We had lots of breaks and naps to refresh our mind with new thoughts.All the cute ideas of my kids were accepted and even the messes. It was done to exhibit in school.(Concept is ‘Wear Helmet when u drive’)Im flaunting it here to share our enjoyments…

Recycled kids activity

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Cocoon and Bedtime Stories

It is always good to read or tell bedtime stories….We know….It improves their listening skill, imagination and their vocabulary….We know that….it is one of the way to spend quality time with the kids….But still many times I resist to do it. Sometimes I feel guilty for that and I read them some new stories. Like that, last night I was telling bedtime story about ‘Two Caterpillars’ that I read from here. My kids were not clear about cocoons. So I briefed them that the caterpillars goto sleep in a house called cocoon and when they wake up they would turn into a butterfly.

Today morning, I went to backyard where I saw something gleamy, golden, reflective under the hot sun. It was slinging under the leaf and it looked like a peanut shape. When I looked closer, I found a hole and many pores in it with curvy designs at the top..Cocoon, that it was….Now we have it to observe, and show how a caterpillar changes into a butterfly…


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Floor Art with Flour- Rangoli


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Flower–Captured at Munnar, India.


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A fun craft with my kids

DIY Caterpillar
Its always fun to do craft with kids…Like every kids, my children also like to scissor the papers and gluing it. Here are their caterpillars….
Caterpillar Origami

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Getting out and about to explore the world

Getting out and about

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Ganesha Digital Art

ganesh digital art

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Origami Rabbit, Carrot n Grass

Origami Rabbit, Carrot n Grass
This was done by my elder daughter Rithika(6 years old).She is very interested in paper folding. Even a bit paper becomes sculpture in her hands. Yeah! Nothing new in this Rabbit,Carrot and Grass origami, everything avail in web.But it was folded by those little hands,just finely observing me doing it.

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